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FindFriendsForFun helps you meet people and make friends with people who like doing the things you like doing. Have you moved somewhere new? Have you taken up a new hobby? Are your existing friends less interested in doing the things you used to like to do together? We can help you meet people in your area to share your love of a sport, cultural activity or hobby with. FindFriendsForFun is free and is available worldwide.


Many people find at different times in their lives that their circle of friends is shrinking. It could be due to some friends moving away, whilst others may have had children, or it`s just a case of drifting apart whilst pursuing different interests. It is natural for friends to come and go throughout your life but it can become harder to make new friends as you get older because you often have less social sources such as college, university, work, family groups, clubs.

You may be new to the area and see the potential to make new friends through mutual interests. Perhaps you work away in different cities regularly and want to meet new people in those cities who you can socialise with whilst you are in the area. Maybe you just want to hook up with people to share travelling costs or lesson costs. Do you need some inspirational ideas to help you make the most of your leisure time? Why not find the ideas and make new friends all at the same time?

Whatever the reason it's simple to get started. Just build a profile, either as an individual or as a couple, then include your areas of interest and go searching for some new friends that you can contact at your leisure. You can specify what type of people you are interested in meeting: males, females, individuals or couples, and you will only see people, and be seen by people, who match those preferences. The site also enables you to create activity-specific events and to search for events that other members have set up in your area.

FindFriendsForFun is not a dating website so if you are solely looking for love then this site is not for you.

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Latest News

New design and mobile optimisation.


We've just updated the look and feel of the site. We think it looks better and we hope you agree. We've also made the site mobile-optimised. If you browse the site using a mobile phone the pages rearrange so they are easier to read on the small screen.

We are aware of some small display issues on some mobiles - and will be deploying a new version in the next few days to fix those issues.


Latest Releases - new technologies


We've deployed several updates to the site over the last couple of months. The main changes have been total overhauls to the way the search page and the conversations page work and the technology behind them. We think they are now faster and smoother to use so we hope that you will find them nicer to use. We've also fitted in some important security and anti-spam enhancements as well as lots of other smaller changes. New updates coming soon.


More new activities


We have had some good activity suggestions from new members and have recently added zumba, caravanning/motorhoming, gardening and punk concerts.

Our most popular activities currently are cinema, travelling, hiking and camping.

If there are activities not included on our website that you would like to see then just let us know and we will add them if they are appropriate.


Latest Releases


We`ve been busy over the last couple of months and have deployed several releases. There are some visual changes, some security changes and also some anti-spam measures.